SunCrop Services

Landscape & Irrigation

Suncrop offers commercial and residential landscape services. We offer a wide variety of landscape styles. Each one is a custom design to fit an individual’s taste, needs and budget. Specializing in both commercial and residential properties, Suncrop approaches each job with the customer’s vision as top priority. For newly constructed or existing properties, SunCrop offers a complete turnkey solution, taking a project from inception to completion including design, complete grade/drainage of the property, sod, trees and plants, hardscapes (sidewalks, retaining walls, water features, etc.), and any other additional request the customer may have. Suncrop also offers irrigation services. Our service technicians are experienced to quickly diagonse, troubleshoot and properly repair all brands of sprinkler systems. We have over 20 years’ experience of both residential and commercial irrigation. 

Water Features

Suncrop, LP offers design and installation of commercial and residential water features using all natural materials. Each feature is tailored to the customer’s desire & space resulting in a very natural and fitting product.

Landscape Maintenance

Suncrop offers complete commercial grounds management with services provided approximately 38 times per year or on a as-needed basis depending on weather conditions and growing seasons. Crews will be on site no less than every 7 days to service your account. During the fall, winter and early spring, mowing may not be required each week, however, crews will still weed beds, edge, and blow sidewalks. We provide seasonal adjustments to irrigation systems along with quarterly diagnostics to ensure the system is working properly.  SunCrop also offers fertilizer and pre-emergent services, following a John Deere suggested program. All irrigated areas will be fertilized approximately every 45 days. During icy weather salt will be provided and applied to sidewalks. Pricing is based on one-year agreements with 12 monthly payments.